TWO BEST 优 。扬 音乐会







两位多项荣誉加袍的歌手,都曾获国内艺术大奖Boh Cameronian最佳个人演绎奖Best Solo Performer,友弟在2014年,洪美枫在2019年,故称Two Best,名副其实的公认好声。


 Flying with your sensation with the sound of music

… the songs singing, when we have open ears to listen, and hearts to respond, the beauty and the kindness of music, are in every corner of life, accompany us to fly, timelessly…


Two magnificent Malaysian vocalists, the evergreen songstress Yudi Yap and the bel-canto soprano Ang Mei Foong, together with a group of outstanding musicians and instrumentalists, ITA Ensemble and pianist Iau Jo Yee, will be presenting two hours (100 minutes) length of music in this crossover concert, including nostalgic evergreens and classical songs of local origins as well as foreign masterpieces.

The selection of songs will be delivered in multiple languages, Yudi’s Nanyang tunes, the Shi Dai Qu evergreens and folks, or Mei Foong’s recitation of life and the melodies in nature, together with the superb accompaniment of the musicians, jointly present an enchanting evening and pleasant night.

Both vocalists are awards winners with multiple honors, including the Best Solo Performers of Boh Cameronian Arts Awards in the year 2014(Yudi) & 2018(Mei Foong), so they are called Two Best, which are also veritable well-recognized voices in our music scene.

Date: 29 Oct 2022
Time: 8pm to 10pm
Genre: Concert
Language: Chinese

RM68 Standard Rate for Malaysians

RM88 Standard Rate for International Guests

RM88 Premium Rate for Malaysians

RM108 Premium Rate for International Guests