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Encore Melaka Theatre

Encore Melaka Theatre is located at the city’s waterfront, it will be the jewel in the crown of the IMPRESSION CITY tourist-centric resort development and the future cultural landmark of Melaka.

Designed by China’s state-owned Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, the state-of-the-art theatre will seat more than 2,000 people on a one-of-a-kind 360-degree rotating platform.

ENCORE MELAKA also is certified as a National Key Economic Area (NKEA) development by Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism and is supported by the government of Malaysia and the state of Melaka.

A 360° Degree

Rotating Auditorium Platform



Rotating Auditorium

The theatre is engineered using latest technology. The performance is presented in a new genre and innovative art production 360-degree rotating auditorium and multi stages, while equipped with advanced audio and a 3D video mapping projection. Audience will not be seated passively but would be made as one of the performers.

Expected to see an astounding performance. The performers can intricate theatre props with special effect are used to enhance the dramatic and visual effects of the show.

The 360-degree rotating audience platform is the 'heart' of Encore Melaka. Audience will be rotated at a maximum speed of 5 meter per second stable enough not to be noticed by the audience and quiet enough not to interfere show performance

Southeast Asia’s

Longest Performing Stage


The Longest Stages in Southeast Asia

Encore Melaka Theatre has the longest stage which was constructed with a total of 240-meter-long mesmerizing stage as well as equipped with projection mapping and lighting providing Encore Melaka with a dynamic space and atmosphere for an immersive performance.