Early 18th Century, Year 1700, a district in Negeri Sembilan, Luak (State) Tanjong lost its leader (Penghulu Luak).
Position of Chief. According to custom, the post was rotated by Tok Perdana but Baroq, the son of Penghulu Luak wanted the post to be inherited to him. There was a big conflict in Tanjong badger. Penghulu Luak also has a daughter, Tanjong, who falls in love with Anjang, Anak Tok Perdana but Tanjong’s love is claimed by Dabur, Anjang’s brother. Dabur claims his right to own Tanjong for having saved him from being kidnapped by Ba Ai, a mountain man. There was a family conflict between Anjang and Dabur and a leadership conflict between Anjang and Baroq. The situation in Tanjong is tense, quarrels and fights that lead to a willingness to kill. The strength of the spirit of parents based on customs as well as the strength of young people who are agile to fight for truth and security to restore Tanjong safe and prosperous.

Date: 4 June, 5 June, 6 June 2022
Show Duration: 2 hours
Genre: Theatre
Language: Malay
Subtitle: English
Price: RM60 Standard Rate for Malaysians & RM80 Standard Rate for International Guests
RM40 concession rate for Malaysians & RM60 International Guests elderly over 60 years old and wheelchair /