The Comeback Pianist Kok Kee Boon In Concert


Comeback Pianist – The Dream Recital
Comebacks are not unusual in the world of entertainers. Rarely though, do we see a comeback where the performer is reaching even greater heights than before.

8 years ago Kee Boon was involved in a violent pile up on the NS Highway. Trapped in the wreckage for nearly an hour, Kee Boon was robbed and left for dead in the dark. Amazingly, he managed to survive although at a price. He lost his sight in one eye, suffered extensive injuries to his chest and neck, and incurred horrific fractures to his hands, which required numerous operations just to bring them back to their most basic functional level. For anyone this was disastrous, for a pianist it meant that his career was all but finished.

But , by the mercy of God and through a series of miraculous events, Kee Boon against all odds began to play again. There were God sent angels, the good Samaritans, friends and relatives who came to his rescue in the nick of time.

The amazing comeback story will be told in the Encore Melaka in a 360 degree revolving seats theatre with 4 giant stages . A musical journey down the memory lane in a total immersive experience of sound and images . This is an innovative musical presentation that makes full use of the amazing stage machinery of the Encore Melaka Theatre , featuring masterpieces from classic to contemporary. Interwoven with stories and anecdotes. The German Grand piano is sponsored by Emusic .


Date: 18 June 2022  Time: 5.30pm
Show Duration: 1 hour & 45 minutes with a short interval
Genre: Piano Recital
Language: English

Catergory 1

RM80 Premium Rate for Malaysians

RM100 Premium Rate for International Guests

Catergory 2

RM60 Standard Rate for Malaysians

RM80 Standard Rate for International Guests

RM40 Concession rate for Malaysians – Students / OKU / Senior Citizens
(60 Years Old & Above)/Wheelchair Bound

RM60 Concession rate for International Guests – Students / OKU / Senior Citizens (60 Years Old & Above)/Wheelchair Bound